All My Father Left Me

As part of my participation in the Gondwana National Choral School 2015 Composers' School, I had to write a new original choral composition in 3 days.  What a challenge!  It was then to be workshopped and performed by the Gondwana Chorale - Gondwana's senior SATB choir - and the performance occurred only one week after we began writing!  I was fortunate enough to have this piece conducted by Carl Crossin, with Luke Byrne accompanying and playing a vital role in the workshops. 

I decided to set this beautiful poem by Michael Leunig, because it speaks with simplicity and elegance, yet portrays a profound concept below the surface.  My process of putting music to it reminds me of how Eric Whitacre described setting music to A Boy and a Girl - 'I simply tried to quiet myself and find the music hidden within the words.'

View the Original Poem by Michael Leunig