An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Regarding a subject close to my heart

Buy this song below, set your own price, and all proceeds are donated towards QLife – Australia's first national peer to peer counselling hotline for LGBTQIA+ people.

About this song . . .

This song was written in the leadup to, and released during the High Court challenge to the Turnbull Government's postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Through comedy and satire, I wished to decry Turnbull's plebiscite as unethical, whilst providing an anthem of joy and resilience to an embattled community. LGBTQIA+ people, such as myself, have endured horrific injustices throughout this nation's history, and this plebiscite was just one more. An argument that I hinted at in the song, but did not wish to elaborate on further because of fear that it would compromise the mental health of queer viewers, is that young queer Australians have among the highest rates of suicide of any group. Subjecting us to hate speech on a national scale was akin to genocide, as it enabled a small group of bigots to vicariously murder our most vulnerable, through destroying their already compromised mental health. I do not expect privileged ‘no’ campaigners to understand the pathological and often fatal effects of living with internalised homophobia. The suicidality of my people because of our unconsciously homophobic culture is a silent epidemic, and during a time in which our unjust political system elevated this homophobia to toxic, I could not remain silent.  

So I did what my people have done all throughout history when we have been subject to injustice: I protested with music, bright colours, and (what I hope is) subversive wit.

And then this happened.

It fills me with endless pride that, over the plebiscite period, we helped raise over $3,000 for QLife.

A little about QLife . . .

When many people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning, intersex, and/or asexual (LGBTQIA) call a hotline, they often have to explain their circumstances to a counsellor who don't have similar lived experience to them. This can make it difficult for such people to receive the immediate care they need.

Enter QLife. QLife is Australia’s first national counselling and referral service specifically for LGBTQIA+ people, run specifically by LGBTQIA+ people. They provide early intervention, peer supported telephone and web based services to people of all ages providing a place to talk about mental health, relationships, isolation, coming out, and a whole host of other concerns.

QLife are also a volunteer organisation. They need donations to train their volunteer counsellors, and run their service. 

The message at the end of my video sums up why I made it. If you liked it and want to go the extra step, donate to QLife by hitting the big download button up there.

We are so proud to say that over the duration of the Plebiscite, we raised over $3,000.

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