Magna Gloria

I was enormously fortunate in my second year of University to have the then-director of the Elder Conservatorium, Associate Professor Carl Crossin OAM, offer to premiere my first ever choral composition with the Elder Conservatorium Chorale - the University of Adelaide's flagship choir.  The performance took place as part of the University's Three Choirs Concert - a major event in the Evenings at Elder Hall concert series - and featured alongside visiting choir Resonance, conducted by Paul Holley.  It's safe to say that this was a huge induction into the world of choral composing!

This work is a very personal piece for me - perhaps the most personal one that I will write.  The core idea is of finding beauty in pain - expressed by the paradoxical sense of glory that can somehow be created through clashing notes and dissonant harmonies.  This is a quality that I greatly admire in Eric Whitacre's writing, and this piece represents my own interpretation of that.  I knew that I had to set it for voices, because of the incredible capacity of the human voice for purity, intimacy and gentleness.

Although I am not religious myself, I have always loved the seemingly ancient, mystical power of sacred Latin text.  I also find many elements of Catholicism enormously moving and inspiring of beauty - possibly elements that I have inherited from my Nonna.  

 I do not think I will be able to write something like this piece again.  I hope that you enjoy it, and that it means something to you.

Magna Gloria 
Concepta in spiritu sancto

Magna Gloria
Nos te acclamamus per gratiam tuam
Et te laudamus propter nomina tua
Et laeti cantamus.
Magna Gloria
Extollis nos indignos
Et laudes concinnamus
O gloria.
Magna Gloria

Great Glory 
Conceived in the Holy Spirit

Great Glory
We acclaim you by the power of your grace,
And praise you on account of your names
And we sing joyfully.
Great Glory
You lift us up; the unworthy,
And we hymn your praises,
O glory.
Great Glory

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