Nosferatu Finale Scene

As part of my second year University course, Sound Design for Film, we were required to recreate the entire soundtrack to a scene from the 1922 cult classic, Nosferatu - the original vampire movie. This project encompassed making both the sound design (which never existed in the original, as it was a silent film) and the music. 

This is the finale scene - where the vampire Nosferatu has been spreading like a plague throughout the town, and the hero, Ellen, knows that the only way to stop him is for her to sacrifice herself. She distracts her fiancé, Hutter, in order to give herself to the vampire . . .

I used this as an opportunity to experiment with a range of scoring techniques, styles and colours, as well as learning how to use some new sample libraries.  The score is essentially a love letter to that era of filmmaking - with a large orchestra and a late Romantic musical language.  Although the result may be a bit of a collage, I'm still proud of it as my first attempt at film scoring!