Rising Sails: A Fanfare for the Sydney Opera House

In 2014, I was part of a pilot program to replace the cue bells at the Sydney Opera House with original fanfares, written by young Australian composers.  It was called the Fanfare Competition, and their aim was to put the music of young composers at the centre of the Sydney Opera House - one of Australia’s most renowned cultural icons - in an effort to raise the profile of music education, and original music composition in Australia.  

126 young Australians between the ages of 12 and 21 entered the competition in its inaugural year, and I was extremely fortunate enough to be one of the 8 winners.  We travelled to Sydney to be mentored by composer Dr Nicholas Vines, and had our fanfares recorded by the Australian Youth Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Carter.

The program was a huge success, and as of March the 4th, 2015, the fanfares are playing in the Sydney Opera House, heralding theatre-goers to their seats.  Louise Herron, CEO of the Sydney Opera House, said ‘these fanfares will be played before each and every one of the Opera House’s 1700 performances this year, making these young composers the most played composers at the Sydney Opera House.'

The fanfares are on 6-week rotation, with mine playing between the 9th of July and the 18th of August 2015.  To read more about my experiences with the fanfare competition, check out the blog that I wrote for Limelight Magazine below.

The fanfare competition is a partnership program between Artology, the Sydney Opera House, and the Australian Youth Orchestra. 

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The Australian

'Adelaide’s Josh Belperio, 19, who had not visited the Opera House before the competition, says his fanfare called Rising Sails captures the “freedom, beauty and boldness” of the building.'
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