The Book Thief (Piano Version)

After being inspired by Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, I penned a number of themes that I felt particularly resonated with how I experienced the novel. I then vowed to myself that should a movie adaption come about, I would compose the score.

I ended up sending this piano piece to Zusak, to which (to my amazement), he replied saying that was 'really something special' and that it conjured up memories of him writing about Liesel (the main character) 'in that cavernous library...' However, it soon transpired that John Williams was hired to score the 2013 adaptation - and what a phenomenal score that became!

This piece remains in my mind as a score for Zusak's original novel - a bildungsroman of a young girl dancing with Death in Nazi Germany, and her gradual discovery of the power of words.